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Seapro linear actuator for switchable exhaust system

Seapro Linear Actuator - servomotor Force: 1000Nm Torque Stroke: 50mm Speed:10.0MM/S -25℃ to +65℃ IP6 limit switch 12Volt

Seapro® - Linear actuator - linear drive

Linear actuator for exhaust system
Switchable: open - close
Applications up to 12-24 volts

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Technical data

Characteristic Value
Drive type linear servomotor / linear actuator
circuit 2 ways - open - close
Power/torque 1000 Nm
Hub/Stroke 50mm
speed 10mm/sec.
Temperature use -25°C to +75°C
Protection class black
Type IP6 limit switch
Electricity 12 volts
Housing Brushed aluminum G
Color silver
Identifier CE